I am reading this story for, oh, about the seven thousandth time in my life, but this time I don’t get beyond this first paragraph. My eyes stop here, and my heart stops, too.

I know this story. I’ve listened to countless sermons that have emphasized all manner of different points along this Jerusalem-to-Emmaus journey. The unknowing travelers, the request for Jesus to stay longer with them, the irony of speaking face to face with the man they thought was dead, the immediate return to Jerusalem once they realized who He was.

Today, though, I can’t get past the first paragraph…

 I am guest posting today on Rob Still’s blog, where he has been doing a series of devotions during this Easter-to-Pentecost season. Please stop in if you have time, and read the rest of this post and Rob’s other devotions in this series while you are there.

Rob is a worship guy. Its what he studies and workshops and blogs about. You’ll enjoy getting to know him, I think, at