Actually, what I said was that I am so incredibly behind in so many things, and that I really need to take some time off to catch up.

How does a mom take time off?

This mom asked for it, like this.

I am behind, and getting behinder. I’m wondering if it would be okay with you guys if I spent the rest of this week catching up. I’ll still be here. I’ll still feed you and stuff, and if you really need me I’ll stop what I’m doing and help. But if you could work away at the things you know you need to do, and go outside once in a while, and do your chores and such without me needing to ask… if you could do all that and if I could just spend some time on the things I need to do, well, I’d really appreciate it.

And my cool kids said, sure, Mom, and so here I am. Writing my first blog post in a week. And with a list beside me of all those things that are keeping me up awake at night with their undone-ness. And with a sweet sense of relief in my heart.

Yeah, I can do this.


This post is part of the My Dad and Me series that I write with (surprise!) my dad. (Click the tab at the top of the page to read all the My Dad and Me posts.)

I love hearing his thoughts on all the different things we’ve written about. Dad has been a busy guy his whole life. He and Mom are still some of the busiest and most-engaged-in-community people I know. Wouldn’t you like to hear from him some of his suggestions on how to get it all done?

Looking forward to hearing what Dad has to say about this, or whatever else he decides to write about, next Tuesday.