Sadly, I don't have a picture of the Holy Spirit, so here is a picture of my farm, instead.

Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the Holy Spirit, so here is a picture of my farm, instead.

I’ve read about Him Her It … okay, I’ll go with Him. I mean, I’ve read The Shack, and some other books with names I can’t remember right now. Probably by Yancey or Lucado. Heck, I’ve even read the Bible. Still haven’t really got a clue.

The Father and the Son, these two I can grab onto, at least a bit. I have a father. I have a son. I have reference points for them.

But the Holy Spirit? Try to grab that and I come away with a handful of … what? Even the name is hard to relate to. Holy Spirit? Or worse, Holy Ghost?

Hey, I’d like you to meet my friend, Holy Spirit. It just doesn’t work like it does with God or Jesus. Maybe I’ll just start calling him Dove. Since out of all the forms he could have taken on the day Jesus was baptized, that’s the one he chose. Dove. I kinda like it.

I’d like to know him better, I really would. I’d like to understand him. Or maybe what I’d like is to know I’m being understood by him. You know? Since he’s supposed to be a mediator of sorts between God and me. And he’s been sent here to live in me and help me and all.

I googled him. There’s lots written about triune this and blah blah blah that. It really didn’t help me know him much at all.

I wish he wasn’t such a quiet, unobtrusive, low profile deity. If he’d spoken up a bit more in scripture, you know. But it seems he doesn’t like the lime light. He’s the introvert, maybe, of the trinity. The quiet one, going about his work without a lot of fanfare or fuss.

I don’t know much about him, but I think I like him a lot. Mystery is not always a bad thing.

It’s weird, but it’s kind of wonderful too.