I’m the last person in the world who is even remotely qualified to talk about Miley Cyrus. I have boys, folks. And really, popular culture is not my thing. I’ve never seen a Hannah Montana episode, and I had to google VMA awards to find out what the heck everyone was talking about.

VMA awards? The Grammy’s and the Oscar’s, these are the things I know about awards shows. Apparently, there are a bunch more of them now. Apparently, Miley Cyrus recently made a spectacle of herself on one of them. And now you can’t  turn around without bumping into something that has been written about it.

(The VMA awards are MTV’s Video Music Awards. You’re welcome.)

People are talking about her, that’s for sure. And maybe that’s what she hoped for.

I haven’t read everything I’ve seen in print about the girl, but I’ve noodled around enough to understand she’s stirred something up in people. Some are pointing and laughing. Some are analyzing her motives or discussing potential fallout.

Some of the more reflective folk are praying, even weeping for her. And for the culture that has produced her.

The word is burning on my tongue. Can I just say it? Hogwash.

Because that’s easy. I mean sure, pray and weep a little. It’s sad to see a young woman doing what she is doing. But it’s also far far away.

It’s easy because I don’t know her. She lives in someone else’s world of influence, and feeling bad for her is like feeling bad for orphans or child slaves or children living in poverty.

It only matters if I do something about it.

I might think I don’t know Miley Cyrus, but really, she lives next door. She’s the teenage girl at church, and the young woman posting sexy selfies on Facebook, and the precious face of my friend’s daughter.

She’s every young woman out there who just wants to be seen.

I can bemoan the world I live in. I can take shelter and pray. I can feel sad and write commentary. But at some point, if saying I’m a Christian means anything at all to me, I have to look up.

Look up, see, touch, hug, talk…

There’s a Miley Cyrus in your world. I know there is. Can you see her?