I see art all around me, I said, and a friend called me on it. It made me think, do I really? Do I notice sunsets and flowers and children’s sweet faces, or does it pass by in a blur of day and duty?

It’s nice to say, the whole seeing-art-around-me thing, but is it something I actually believe and practice? I’m not sure, to tell the truth.

I’m participating in the 31 Days challenge this month, along with a bazamoogillion other people (maybe you, too?), and I’m going to spend the time noticing stuff. And, of course, telling you about it. We’ll all be sick of it by the end, I’m sure. But right now, at the beginning, it sounds kind of fun.

I suspect it won’t all be art. I suspect I’ll notice some things lovely, some not so much. Honestly, I’m not sure where this will take me.

I’m ready, though. I’m ready to widen my eyes and open my heart. I’m ready to pay attention to what is going on, inside and out. I’m ready to notice some stuff. I think it will be rich. I’m hoping you will join me.