I see these words used, here and there, but I just can’t bring myself to use them. Words like peeps, or expressions like hot mess, or using y’all even though I live about as far away from Texas as one can live. I just can’t make myself write a word I would never actually say in conversation.

I think this makes me a bit of a snob. I don’t like this about myself.

my peeps

my peeps

It’s not like I write great stuff. It’s not like I don’t dangle a participle now and then, or start a sentence with and or but.Β So I’m not exactly sure where my snobbishness comes from, but I kind of cringe when I read a middle-aged white woman address her peeps on Facebook. Call me a hot mess, but it just seems wrong, y’all.

A few of my other hangups? You don’t unthaw meat for supper, you thaw it. If you were unthawing it you’d be, well, freezing it. And a person is a who, a thing is a that. As in, She was the one who… not, She was the one that… And a bunch more peeve-y things that get under my skin, but you know what? None of it really matters. Because I’m sure my writing bugs the heck out of some of you, too. I use too many commas for your liking, or you hate my winky Facebook faces, or I overdo it on the exclamations!!!! Or something.

I’m sure there’s something.

So go ahead and peep away. It’s none of my business, anyway. We can still be peepsΒ friends. Really.

Today I’m noticing my selective snobbishness.