What would it be like to be ten years old and living in a new house with new people? I think I’d cry, too.


Today we had tears. His and mine. His, for the mom he misses. Mine, for him and for all the children who miss all those moms. And a few for the moms, too.

And all I could do was hug and wipe wet eyes and tell him we would do our best to take good care of him.

I’m so blessed. I know that all the time, but I only remember some of the time.

I’m blessed with a wonderful history, a beautiful family, a home, enough blankets on my bed to keep me warm at night, food in my fridge – a turkey and a ham, even, waiting to be cooked up for a Thanksgiving feast – and a whole pile of other stuff that’s just there to make me happy and comfortable.

I am so blessed.

Today I’m noticing sadness and tears, and feeling the gratitude of my abundance magnified by another’s loss.