There’s a time for everything, that guy said, back in Ecclesiastes.

Sometimes it seems I spend most of my time in the hard times. I focus on the broken, the mess, the loss, the sad.

Maybe you do, too?

I know God sees us where we are, and accepts that. He sees our hurt and our pain and all the things that we carry in our bag of sorrow. And He wants us to be free to come to Him with all of it, and to empty it before Him, and to cry in His lap.

I think He hopes for more, though. I think He hopes for us to dry the tears and put away sad and pick up the torn – and mend.

There’s a time for everything. He promises peace. He heals. It can be better.

There’s a time for mending, too. No matter the hard hurt, He doesn’t want me to stay there forever.

My prayer this weekend, for you and for me, is for joy.