You have a disciple, I say to my husband over breakfast this morning.

IMG_2776He and the boy are going out hunting, and the bacon and eggs are getting them ready for the cold outside. We’ve been breakfasting and chatting and the words out of the boy’s mouth are the man’s – my husband and I hear it clear – and that’s when I say it.

You have a disciple.

Fathers, you need to know this about your children.

You need to know how closely they watch and how intently they listen and how carefully they follow. You are the Joseph in somebody’s childhood. The master in his apprenticeship. The mother-loving, child-protecting, temple-visiting presence in her life.

This Advent season, with all the birthing and pregnancy and baby talk, I hope you know it’s not just about the mothers.


If you have children, be a Father. Be the example you need to be to the disciples you might not realize are following you.