One is upstairs, reading. One is downstairs, Wii-ing. Two are in the living room, watching It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s New Year’s Day and it’s good to be surrounded by them all, doing their holiday things, and to think about all the new ahead.

Here’s the thing.

I have some plans, it’s true. I bet you do, too.

I bet you’ve spent time thinking about the 365 blank and perfect days to come, and you’ve wondered how to fill them. Maybe you’ve resolved some things or dreamed some things. Maybe you’ve already – halfway into Day One – maybe you’ve already started some things.

I’m moving slowly into the new. Not hesitatingly or cautiously, but savouring still the sweetness of holiday and family. In the quiet and the peace and the slow of this first day, I’m making friends with twentyfourteen. I’m introducing myself and shaking her hand and maybe even giving her – brand new uncertain thing that she is – a little hug.

I chose a word for her. One word to frame the year around, to inform 2014’s days and decisions. A word on which to build a year. My word is do.

They don’t come much smaller, as words go. But as I thought and considered and prayed about the year ahead, this is the word that kept tugging at my sleeve, insistent. I’ve spent a lot of time, you see, living in the word be, a good and necessary word for who I was and for what I needed.

I don’t want to lose the being, but I’m ready for the doing.

I’m ready for some rollupmysleeves and some getmyhandsdirty and some hustle.

I’m ready to start some challenges and finish some projects and take some chances.

I’m ready to do.


Let’s do this thing.