You already know where I’m going with this, I bet.

I’ve watched a couple of seasons of the show The Walking Dead. Maybe three seasons. Yes, I think three seasons is what Netflix is carrying right now (they were in the city and then at the farm and then the prison), and before Christmas, on nights I couldn’t sleep I’d sneak downstairs and curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch The Walking Dead. And sometimes X Files, but The Walking Dead kind of hooked me.

My kids made fun of me, and were maybe even a little disappointed in me, for watching a zombie show. I’m sure I could have made better use of that time but in the middle of the night I’m kind of lazy like that.

And I watched it on my phone, so the zombies were really small and when it got too gross I could tilt the phone a bit and hardly even see what was happening.

The story interested me, though. The whole survivor thing, and how do you live when life turns completely upside down? Who are the real zombies, and all that.

I don’t want to live a zombie life.

Which means a lot of things, not just one thing, but the one thing I’m thinking about right now is the do-ing of it. My word for the year is do, and in my doing one of my goals is to really live, fully awake and alive and engaged.


Hence, the Walking Alive thing.

I’m hoping to intentionally incorporate some doing life things into the rhythm of my days. Some wake-up-and-look-around-and-get-busy things. Maybe even some Acts of Intentional Kindness (AIKs) which makes for a terrible acronym but a cool way to think about living. I might even try to blog regularly about it. Perhaps on Wednesdays because then I could do the alliteration thing – Walking Alive on Wednesday – but that’s pretty dorky and I’m not the best at scheduling, so we’ll see.

Can you tell I don’t really know where this is headed? But really, I’d love to have you join me on this walk in any way that is comfortable for you. We’ll just see where it leads.

And to tease you a little, next Wednesday (on Walking Alive on Wednesday!) my friend Christa Sterken will be guest posting here on this very topic, and it will be very cool and not dorky at all.

Have a fabulous and fully alive day.