Does it seem to you like the world is becoming more and more opinionated?

Everyone wants to know what everyone thinks about everything. Which doesn’t seem to generate much in the way of relational conversation, in my opinion.

It seems we are no longer allowed the luxury of an evolving thought process. We’re not supposed to be in the midst of working anything out. We’re supposed to have arrived. To take a stand. To pick a side. To hold a position. And to defend that position mightily with social media words and shares.

We define each other by our retweets and reposts. We miss (misunderstand, mistake, misread, misrepresent) each other in the process.

To be clear, I’m not an anti-social media vigilante. I love blogging. I love when people comment or message or email me about things I’ve written, even when they don’t agree with me. I like Facebook for lots of reasons. I enjoy twitter. But these can be difficult conversational arenas when we expect more from them than they can provide.

I used to read the blog of a guy who wrote funny stuff about church and faith. He was a master at satire. He was clever and insightful and, like I said, funny. But then he started getting mean. He destroyed people in the comments. He made fun of their, in his opinion, poor logic and flawed reasoning. I quit reading him, because who has time for that I’m so superior garbage?

In light of all that, here’s where I’m at on some hotly debated, world-changing subjects, in no particular order:

1. I love Star Wars. I think the original three are far superior to the later three. I think JJ Abrams would make an awesome new movie, even if he does the alternate timeline thing like he seems to do in everything he makes. But I’m willing to hear your opinion on this crucial matter and I won’t call you an idiot if you disagree with me. )I also love all the Rocky movies, although my least favourite scene is the montage, complete with cheesy ’80’s music, where Apollo is training Rocky and they’re wearing the silly workout clothes and running on the beach.)

2. I think a clean house is important. I know babies grow up fast and all that, but I think you can spend loads of time with your children and still keep things reasonably clean. But if you struggle with that, whatever. Whether you like homey clutter or minimalism or chaos… whatever.

3. I think teaching your kids at home is a great thing to do. But I don’t think it’s a great thing for everyone to do. They are your kids. You get to decide.

4. I think its okay for a mom to browse on her phone while her kids are playing at the park. I think kids at the park are there to learn to play, to make stuff up, to imagine, to learn to share, and they can do all that without moms holding their hands at every moment. I think sometimes holding hands is holding back. Let ’em go, and take a break now and then.

5. I think women who breastfeed in public should make an effort to cover up a bit. Ya, I know. Not a popular opinion these days, but there you go. Call me old-fashioned. But if you think differently, oh well. I’m not going to rush my kids out of the restaurant just because you decide to bare boob it at your table next to me. And hey, maybe this is one of those things I’ll change my mind about in time. Who knows? But in the meantime, let’s play nice even if we disagree.

6. I think God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real. I think people who agree with me on the first statement can disagree with me about a lot of other things. I accept that. But let’s play nice, even if we disagree.

7. I think we (I) can spend so much time thinking about things, we (I) can forget to do things.

8. I think teenagers are some of the coolest people on earth.

9. I think meaningful life is about more than a bucket list.

10. I think there are things I don’t have to put on a list even if they are things you think are super important, because there are things I’m allowed to be undecided or uncertain about, and that’s okay, too.

There you go. My off-the-top-of-my-head list of ten things and what I think about them today. Tomorrow’s list might be very different.

What would you put on your list, today?