There’s a popular video out now. I watched it this morning, adding my view to the more than twelve million views it’s received so far. A dozen or more of my friends have shared it on Facebook.

It’s a spoken word piece reminding us to put down our phones (or close our laptops or iPads) and to engage.

It’s a warning. It’s telling us we will miss out on some amazing things if we don’t “look up.”

(You can watch the video here.)

This is a powerful message, ironically virally shared on the media the video is speaking against.

I get the guy’s message. I agree with him, mostly. We do spend too much time on our phones. People must matter more than media. And social media is a challenging arena in which to navigate relationships and manage time. It’s an easy space to get lost in.

What is interesting to me, though, is who this video is really impacting, because of all the sharers of this video on my Facebook, all but one of them were moms.

We easily accept guilt, don’t we moms.

I raised my babies before Facebook, and I need to tell you, the media was different but the message was the same mixed bag of contradiction. Put down the book, read more books, shut off the movie, quit cleaning, let the kids play more, organize their time better, quit organizing their time so much, feed them better, stop this do that.

There were (and are) as many different messages as there are moms. It was (and is) a failure breeding ground, because we care so much and we will never be perfect.

Here’s my mom message on the Monday before Mother’s Day.

Let’s let go of guilt.

Let’s put boundaries around the distractions (like social media) but let’s cut ourselves some slack, too. We can’t stare into our babies’ faces all the time. We can’t look up all the time. We can’t live life with Damocles swords of you might miss something hanging over our heads.

Truth. We will miss things. We will forget things. We will not get out of the mom years unscathed. We will look back and think we wasted some of it. We will tell new moms how fast it goes. We will wish some things had been different.

For today, though, let’s just do our best.

Let’s be mostly responsible and a little bit irresponsible. Let’s have fun. Let’s gaze in wonder on our beautiful children. Let’s spend some time looking up. Let’s spend some time looking down. Let’s spend some time looking around.

And let’s make our peace with imperfection.