A lot of people save their posts and pictures for holidays. Or special occasions. I might not see anything from some of you until you take a trip. (And that’s okay; I totally love the trip pictures.)

You know who doesn’t do that, though?


Moms photograph and post everything from dirty-faced children in a puddle to the new bedspread they found on sale to what they made for supper.

Some have said this is because moms are looking for validation, or they are trying to portray a life they aren’t really leading, or they are caught in the measuring-up-to-the-joneses trap.

Maybe that’s true for some, but for a lot of moms I think it’s simply because fabulous trips are a thing of the past or the distant future. They will likely be few and far between, anyway, while the children are small.

The farthest some moms will go is between home and the grocery store, and even that trip will require packing a suitcase and planning ahead.

It’s hard sometimes, when you’d love to go and do things. Especially when others are going and doing things.

But staying and doing things can be fabulous, too. So photograph away, mom friends, and I’ll happily view and comment and honestly gush over the things that are happening in your space, right now.


Recently, mom friends of mine have photographed: crocuses blooming, babies laughing, kids biking, birthday cake candle blowing, dance recital costumes, and baby toe sucking. I am thankful moms have the technology today to take and document these moments. Thanks for sharing them, friends.

On the Wednesday before Mother’s Day, be blessed and happy!