There’s a crazy calm after Christmas. A detox, in a way, after all the sugar and all the meaningfulness. Life is ordinary again, and it takes a bit of adjusting. But it’s a gentle time, made gentler by snow days that keep us all home and bound.

I took the Christmas tree down on December 26. Yep.

I started a book one Christmas-holiday day – read about three pages – and now it’s lost. I can’t find it for the life of me, so I started a massive declutter/purge/clean/reorganize challenge. Rather, I read about massive decluttering online but truthfully, I’ve not gotten much further along than that. The book is still lost and the clutter still mocks. I’ll get there.

It brings me joyful heart feelings to watch my son head out each day, snowshoe clad, to take himself and the dog for a walk. The dog needs it and so do I, he says, and I know it’s not just exercise. I must do more things this year that I need.

Is it just me, or is it ridiculous, the amount of planning and organization that goes into trying to get away for a weekend? We’ve been trying to get together with our good friends forever. I almost want to say forget it and stay home, or send the boys without me, but it’s one of those I need things I was just talking about. I need time with this friend, I think, and it will be worth the challenge of the obstacles, so I’m trying to make it happen.

And is it just me, or does everyone feel like January should just be one giant nap? Like, let’s all grab our blankies and pillows and we’ll meet up again in a few weeks.

And also, the whole new calendar thing. Is that fun for you? I’m trying out a daytimer (old school) this year, in my ongoing attempt to magically become a more organized person. It was kind of fun filling in the first few months with the potlucks and muffin Sundays and scheduled appointments, although I’ve already had to cross out and rewrite things more than once which at first was stressful because new book, but now I’m okay and quite happy with the whole process.

I am starting to think my second child will never get his driver’s licence. He’s almost eighteen years old! Today’s appointment had to be cancelled because of the blizzard, although taking a driver’s test in a blizzard would have been a very Saskatchewan thing to do, but honestly we are stuck in our yard until the friendly snow-moving man can plow us out.

And by the way, my one word for 2015 is finish. ‘Cause there are a bunch of things about which I want to write The End this year. Metaphorically, I mean. But you knew that.

Happy second week of January, friends.