I have a picture-perfect life. I live in a place of beautiful sunrises and open spaces and sparkly snow-filled vistas. It’s beautiful, in photographs. In real life, though, it’s like anyone else’s life. Good.,, and bad. Beautiful… and ugly. Wonderful…and hard.

I guess I think that’s just fine. I mean, what else would I expect, really?

I mean, who am I that my life should be always fabulous and hardship-free?

The thing is, I’m a believer. I really and truly am a sold-out-Jesus-loving-freak of a girl. I believe in miracles and eternity and love-conquers-all and forgiveness.

The other thing is, none of that means much if I can’t face the bad and ugly and hard things in life with that faith I say I have. Walk the talk, so to speak.

I’ve stood at the beginning of uncertain roads and been fearful of the next step. It’s not easy or fun. Except, sometimes it is.  Isn’t that ridiculous? Uncertainty can be kind of an adventure. It’s sometimes kind of exciting. That’s the crazy thing about walking in faith. The uncertain times are when I get the chance to really practice the stuff I read in that book I say I believe.

I don’t mean to minimize struggle or pain or challenge. There are real, hard things that most of us will be faced with in our lives. You may be facing something more difficult than you could have imagined, right now. There are times to sorrow and weep and lament, and my heart breaks with you for these times in our lives. I’ve been there.

But sometimes, uncertainty is just the beginning of a new road, and fear is only the natural beginning of bravery.