Life is funny like that. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. I can keep it all together through the busy days, one foot in front of the other, and I can say it’s mostly fun and all and that’s the truth. Busy isn’t bad.

But busy doesn’t save much space for thoughts or processing or emotions. Busy carries on and gets stuff done and looks forward to the resting to come. Later.

When later arrives, the thoughts and the processing and the emotions can hit like a wave, and the washing over of them can knock me around a bit. I can get dunked in the pushing and pulling of the surf.

So the busy few weeks ended and I woke to a wide open day (if I ignore the laundry piles) and this morning, still in bed, I watched one of those acts of kindness Facebook videos showing folks stopping cars and helping old ladies and ducks and even turtles cross busy roads and the like, and the tears rose and spilled and all the stuff of the world news – the Ebola and the wars and the airplane tragedies – hit as well and I’ve been tossing around in the waves ever since.

Life is funny like that. Busy is okay, but the space of resting and the chance to feel the feels, that’s where the cleansing happens.