Today is Halloween. Oh, and it’s the last day in the 31 days to loving my home series that I’ve been writing. Whew.

I’m thinking this morning, in the midst of pumpkin carving and costume assisting, of how to sum up this loving my home thing. What to say to make it all come together in a neat and tidy pile of words and thoughts. And my conclusion this morning, as I walk across my pumpkin-gore spattered kitchen floor, is that loving my home has very little in common with neat and tidy.

I’ve decided, in summation, that loving my home is, instead, about the embrace.

A big old messy hug. That’s what loving my home is.

Websters says an embrace might be: to clasp in the arms with affection, to cling to, to cherish, to welcome, to accept, to submit to.

Webster doesn’t say a thing about the receiver of the embrace. She doesn’t need to be beautiful, or new, or clean, or anything, really.

Loving my home is not about making perfection. Perfection is a lie.

Loving my home is about embracing what is, being love, and giving grace.

Thanks for listening.


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