I planted flowers last weekend. I mowed grass and raked last year’s soggy leaves and I loved every hot, sweaty minute of it. A whole Saturday spent outside, in the dirt.

Thing is, I love the beginning of the summer. I’ve got all kinds of energy and ambition and excitement when the green of the budding leaves is sweet and new and the dandelions haven’t yet gone to seed and the scent of spring lilac floats on fresh evening breezes.

Nothing about the season annoys me yet, because it’s all so newly beautiful and welcome.

A season newborn in sweetness, and who doesn’t love a brand new baby?

Tending is easy in the spring. Mid summer, though, when it’s hot and grasshoppers cannonball themselves around and the grass has faded and the weeds are creeping into my driveway and the house doesn’t cool off at night… then tending becomes more like plain old, unpoetic work.

One of my goals this summer is to tend my way through it. To attend, if you like, to the loveliness around me, even when it loses some of its fresh beauty. To enjoy the mellowing of the season, and the children and the tasks and the growing, as the days in and out themselves.

I intend to enjoy this summer. I hope you do, too.


Monday was fine. Fine, as in warm, snow almost melted, glorious bright sun after a long winter.

Fine enough to get us out of bed early to gobble down a quick breakfast and head outside. Because on the first warm day of spring, my husband wants to burn things.

I could smell the smoke before I got the dishes cleared.

There’s something about new warmth that makes us want to disappear the old cold. The winter’s accumulated pile of mouldy bales and dead animals and general yard yuck. He gathered it all and lit it up and called the boys to watch it. Because a fire of old stuff can out-of-control itself pretty quick when spring is not yet green.

I walked out to check on them, gathered around the burning pile. One on the fence, one on his bike, another on the dirt road with the dog. Sitting and watching the winter garbage disappear. Raking it from time to time to keep it from spilling into the still dry field around it.

I don’t know if there is a lesson in this. If I thought hard enough I could probably come up with something.

Really, though, it’s just a thing to do on the first warm day of spring.

Its spring and I live in a rural farming community. All around me the talk is of seeding and the weather forecast and meals-to-the-field. Such a busy time for farm women. I listen and commiserate and comment, but I know that I don’t really understand. Its not my world.

I always feel a little lost this time of year in this place. For me, the routine continues. Husband away at work and home on weekends, children, learning times, cleaning times, friend times …

And what do I know of grain and fertilizer and yields?

I feel the pull of it, though. Spring does that to my soul. The sun warms, the grass greens, the world wakes up. I wake up too, after the long winter. I feel myself uncurling, stretching, seeking the sun.

In the spring it is all new.

This afternoon I raked last year’s leaves into piles. My middle son and I raked and bagged and cleaned away the debris of the past. The garbage that had been hidden under snow all winter was picked up and thrown away. The broken branches of winter’s harsh winds are ready for the bonfire. The yard is waiting. Ready for a new year of picnics and hotdog roasts and tree swings. For friends.

Waiting. Ready.

I get it, I think. The farmer thing. The spring thing. The new thing.

It is the possibility of it all.

I am *writing* with a squirmy toddler on my lap. He is trying to drive a toy truck over my face.  It has been crazy days around here lately.

We finally took the plunge and bought a trailer. We have been looking for the last few years. We couldn’t decide on the kind of unit that would best suit our family… pull trailer, 5th wheel, truck camper. Each offers something different, and none offer everything we would like. So, we kept postponing the decision. Just before the May long weekend, however, I got busy and started looking online for something. I checked Kijiji, and the first RV listed was a trailer, with bunk beds, from Gravelbourg. I called the guy and looked at the trailer on Wednesday night. Lyndon got home Thursday night, looked at and bought the trailer on Friday morning, and we were licensed, packed, and on the road by noon!

It was definitely a crazy morning as we needed to be in Moose Jaw by 1:00 to pick up a little boy that we had agreed to take care of for the weekend. We were just a few minutes late. Grabbed some lunch, stopped by Superstore to stock up for the weekend, and we were on our way. We were settled at the campsite at Buffalo Pound, just north of Moose Jaw, by mid afternoon. Whew!

I loved camping with the trailer. The two older boys wanted to set up their tent, so it was just Lyndon, Carter, the two foster boys, and I in the trailer. It was a chilly weekend but we were warm and cozy. I loved being able to cook a pizza or a lasagna, shower the little kids, pee inside in the night. We ended up staying a couple of extra days, so we were there almost a week. I can’t wait to go again.

The following weekend, Lyndon had to work in Yorkton, so we got home from camping, did laundry, and packed everyone up again to go with him for the weekend. It was fun to be in the hotel for a few days. The Little Man loved the hot tub, but he wasn’t crazy about the pool. The other boys waterslided nonstop, with a few Discovery channel breaks. They got hooked on a show that compared different weapons or warriors throughout history to try to determine which would have been victorious.

There was a Jon and Kate marathon all weekend. I watched a couple of episodes since everyone was talking about them and their troubles. Whatever. The boys’ show was more interesting.

So… we have been gone a lot lately. It’s been fun, but has made life a little disjointed. I think I have made peace with the fact that this is just the way life will be for us, with Lyndon working out of town. The Little Man has been great. He is very adaptable and a good traveller.

Now, we are trying to settle into the last month of official school. I am also working on a presentation I am giving in a few weeks at the Christian Women’s Trail Ride, as well as preparing for our Vacation Bible School coming up in July. And, you know, all of the daily challenges that keep life interesting.

Sorry for the rather boring, catch up post today. I’ll try to be more prompt, and more interesting, next time! Here’s a story to share that shows how my kids keep me humble…

While browsing the “How To Raise Godly Kids” section at the Bible book store recently, I overheard Carter telling Colton to “Give that back, you big Butt Crack!” Yeah, just in case you thought we were perfect. Not.

Wow. Time flies. And all that.

Outside, the snow is melting. The temps are climbing. Joy!

Inside, life goes on. As per previous post, life is busy these days. We did take a bit of a break last week, however, and skipped karate. I was going to ditch my Bible study as well, but felt too guilty. So I went, and it was wonderful! I was so glad I hadn’t missed it.

Several women friends are getting together on Wednesday evenings for a Believing God study by Beth Moore. This is the first time I have participated in one of her studies, and I am absolutely loving it. I love how deeply into the Word she takes us each week. We just finished a section on Hebrews 11, and I gleaned all kinds of stuff that I hadn’t thought of or seen before. I AM struggling with the homework. I usually manage to do three days quite well, and then rush through the last two days on the afternoon before the class. Oh well.

On my mind these days is a challenge that I have accepted and am excited about. I was asked to facilitate a workshop at the Christian Women’s Trail Ride in June. Yes, I’m nervous about it. But really pumped, too. As I said to a friend, I have been praying for God to provide opportunities of service, so if He opens a door I’m not about to close it in His face! Even if I don’t feel completely adequate to the task, so to speak. Anyway, more on that later.

It is definitely spring-ish around here lately. The snow is disappearing. Lyndon took the Ducati out on the highway a couple of times this weekend. Everyone feels lighter! I even saw someone wearing capris the other day. Looks a little odd when there is still tons of snow around, but hey, whatever!