I am a bit obsessed with the whole tiny house movement. I follow tiny house blogs and click on tiny house Facebook links and I’m amazed by the whole I-built-this-home-for-$4,000-out-of-trash-and-ingenuity-and-look-how-beautiful-it-is thing.

Then I count us all up and, oh yeah, there are, at the moment, eight people living in my house. A composting toilet couldn’t keep up with us. And where would we all sleep? And eat? And do stuff?

I’m digging a little deeper, exploring my inner tiny house longings, and I think I’ve come up with something. I think I can have a tiny house mentality without actually having a tiny house.

A tiny house mentality, according to moi, means spaces that are: simple, efficient, and beautiful. Spaces that have a sense of purpose about them. They know themselves and they desire to be what they are meant to be.

I’m putting my tiny house dream on hold, and instead, I’m looking at my spaces – my kitchen, my living room, my office – and I’m trying to love them for what they are, and to see them as they could be if they were as simple, efficient, and beautiful as I could help them become.

Maybe I don’t need to go on a house diet. Maybe, if big is what I’ve got, big can be beautiful, too.

Maybe I just need to be thankful and grateful, and love the one I’m with.